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Recent graduate says getting involved on campus led to success

In the Spring of 2019, Michael Abreu walked into ɫƵ’s Academic Achievement Center because he wanted to withdraw from the school. 

“I talked with an advisor to find out how dropping out works,” Abreu said. “I had already withdrawn from a couple of classes and felt lost and alone.”

After the conversation, he started walking toward the parking garage. Once inside his vehicle, he paused and didn’t turn on the car. 

“I told myself, if I don’t go to class today, then I’ll drop out. But for some reason I went to class and stuck with it,” he said. 

Five years later Michael walked the ɫƵ commencement stage during ceremonies held at Gillette Stadium on May 11, where he earned a degree in English. 

What prevented him from dropping out? 


“Aside from academics, the most important thing you can do is be involved,” Abreu said. “It’s not just about going to class, it’s being in tune with what’s going on on campus. Being involved, it really changes the experience.”

Abreu got involved by becoming a resident assistant, a position he held for three years; studied abroad in Greece; worked as a peer advisor in the AAC; DJed his own sports talk radio show on ɫƵ’s WBIM 91.5; and briefly served as president of the Gen 1 club, which serves the school’s first-generation students. 

“Being involved helped me meet some amazing people,” he said. “Tapping into what resources the school offered was huge for me.”

There were many who helped Abreu, including Professor Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson for her guidance as an advisor, Area Coordinator Rahbi Iddrisu for her support, Professor Dr. Andrew Holman for his mentorship, study abroad Staff Assistant Emma Lynch for her guidance in that program, and, as he initially transferred to ɫƵ from a community college, Director of Transfer Services Jeffery Sarahs, for making the transition seamless. 

“For me, it’s important that you connect with people. The more you connect, the better you are able to help each other, to understand what they are going through,” he said. 

It isn’t lost on him that he almost didn’t make it to the commencement stage. However, he remains grateful he did and looks forward to what’s next as he embarks on a career in sports media and marketing. 

During commencement ceremonies his mortarboard had three words written on it to remind him to keep going.

‘Finish the Story’

“Everyone who graduated from Bridgewater, it was just the beginning,” Abreu said. “We did all of these great things while at ɫƵ, but our story really starts after commencement. What we do next is really the start of our story.”

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